Saturday, 28 January 2012

Environmental Issues

After a week away from home I have been able to see what I hadn’t been able to whilst in that environment. Like the saying goes ‘sometimes the best way to see a person is not look at them’. So having taken that and put it in perspective with my own environment and some of the people I surround myself with whilst realising things need to change.

Since I have been away for a week I found myself more motivated, waking up early and managing to get all the work I have procrastinated to get done completed. Due to that motivation and clear mind I have been able to see just that little bit clearer and had got me thinking of not heading back home any time soon because I don’t want to be blinded and have a cloudy mind again. 

So during my time away from home I have put myself out there more. Even though it has only been a little while I have been getting with some contacts I hadn’t spoken to in a while. After speaking to a number of them and meeting with a few, it was only after those conversations and meetings I realised all the opportunities I missed due to my own ignorance. 

At the end of the week I came to this thought...’ The moment you realise you have nothing to lose is when you start realising the vast opportunities around you’

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