Thursday, 12 January 2012

False Reality

One of my favourite TV shows got cancelled just before Christmas. How to make it in America is/was a great show. It followed two guys literally trying to make it in New York. So once it was cancelled it got me thinking and I asked myself two questions.

  1.   Do people not want to watch average humans going through the same struggles they/we do?
  2.   Does society just want to watch a false reality?
I then thought back to the things I see around me, through the media, television, internet and hear about through word of mouth and at the end I asked myself ‘why can’t we just be happy for each other?’ it’s not hard to say ‘congratulations’. 

We look through all these blogs and magazines and we get happy when we see something negative about someone in the spotlight/ who has made it. Although we seem to like building them up but LOVE bringing them down but at the end of the day you turn around and say you have ‘haters’. Is that not the same thing you are doing to others?

The reason I adore the show ‘How to Make it in America’ is because it showed people like me trying to make their dream(s) come true and taking risks, struggling, making mistakes and motivating themselves to reach their goals/dream. Which is what we do on a daily basis but tend to focus on those who already have it.  Does talking negatively about the next person make you that much happier?

Most people I know now and used to know talk about the things they have. The materialistic items that they believe make them better than the next person. In reality who honestly cares what you have? At the same time I’m not going to lie, I am slightly materialistic myself. I like nice things but I’m not one to brag about what I have because that is not my goal and I don’t have to do that. I’m not trying to impress you.

Don’t dislike or victimise people for what they have or because they aren’t what you want them to be. The reality is you don’t know how someone got to where they are today; neither do you know how long it took them. As for me, I thoroughly comprehend the concept. Don’t hate or be negative towards them if anything learn from them.

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Words from the wise!!!

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