Saturday, 7 January 2012

It is what it is

In my past experiences with females they have provided a tonne of memories and some major ‘LOOLs’ thus far and could even be all I talk about on this blog but of course there are other more important topics. 

I would like to believe most of us males have heard most of the same stuff. For example:
  • ·         We lack emotion
  • ·         We don’t give them affection
  • ·         We don’t give them the attention they need
And then they come back to us. Few weeks later they are complaining about the same stuff. They have two options.
Option1 – stay and wait it out because you love us
Option2 – leave. 

Late last night and this morning I found myself speaking to one of my ex girlfriends and the topic of “us” came up. Which got me thinking of how (so far) she is the only female relationship I have had, in that sense, that can actually handle/cope with all the crazy I come with. This is good considering I have known her for the past 6 years.

As we got more and more into the conversation she brought up these ‘Terms & Conditions’ for us if we are to get back together.
  • 1.       Get rid of my pride
  • 2.       Don’t shut her out
  • 3.       Respect her friends (I don’t see what her friends have to do with us though)

Either way this is what she said to me...with a straight face. I found it extremely funny but it is what it is right?

So at the end of all of this us men are looking for that ‘ride or die’ girl that will always be there and be that rock we need by our side. Not behind us. We are not complicated to figure out. There is more than enough unconditional love for this girl it amazes me.

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Mrs West said...

its never easy to walk away from somethin/one you love. thats why you find a lot of women coming over and over with the same problem about their boo thang. There's nothing wrong with hoping someone will change or at least expecting them to compromise with you.

PS if you want it to work with this certain 'person' you'd better tick the box that says 'Do you agree to the terms and conditions',LOL. But in all fairness i don't think that she is asking for too much from you, its the basic requirements of a relationship-but at the end of the day it is up to you to decide whether it is all worth it or not.....would she be willing to do the same thing for you?? because there's nothing that sucks more than doing all these things for someone who wont meet you halfway... Its bi-directional thing :)

xxx Oh xxx

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