Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Driving Force

Over the past couple of days I haven’t had the motivation to update the blog. It surprised me because I have just started and it had me thinking what has changed from last week. There have been many changes but mostly it was my environment that had changed but I then remembered why I was doing this.

We all have different motivators. The most common for people my age is money and I can’t really blame us/them. Personally that stopped motivating me as much compared to two years ago. Today I would be more than happy accepting a job that pays £5. The possible impact and difference I leave at that place would be more than enough motivation for me to wake up and go to work on a daily basis.

When I had the idea of writing on this topic I asked family and friends on what motivates them and what makes them get out of bed every morning. I received a variety of answers from money to partners to dreams to family to peoples own personally situations and getting out of them.

The smallest of things can motivate you, whether it is your mum’s wise words, a dream, a song or a clip from something on TV or the internet.

Our motivations are unbelievably interesting. I am not as manipulatable and as predictable as people may think. Challenge, mastery and making a contribution motivate me. This includes my own personal ambitions and aiming for stability for loved ones I have now and the ones I leave once im gone.

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