Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Real Her

So boy meets girl blah blah blah! Turns out I played my role as I should have and continue to do so...which I believe to be that person you can rely on, the rock you need and who you can confide in but there was a moment last night when I realised you are not strong enough for are not able to be that strong back bone I would need from you...but maybe I'm expecting too much from you or these could just be the ramblings of a mad man (lol)

I can happily admit that I'm slightly crazy but when it comes down to it you don't have a reason in the world to question my loyalty, my word and my up most support for you and your happiness!!!!

You know this already and there may still be more to our story...or I could go back to the one that can handle me and my crap...

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nicky said...

Hhhhhmmmm looks lyk sumone is at a crossroad of love...sweeet man....well make a good decision but never hold anyone on a pedastle cause there is room for disappointment....its better for them to show you that strong side unexpectdly....than you expecting them to be like that then later on....they are not....

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