Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Future Kings & Queens

Since my last post I have been thinking about the relationship between black females and black males. It is an intriguing topic with many views which it can be looked at from. So I asked a few friends to find out their thoughts on how they have been treated and how they have treated the opposite sex.

The first relationship that I thought of was my parents. That is the longest relationship I have known and have been able to see firsthand. From how they treat each other, living and just watching how they are together. To watch them joke with each other and make their relationship seem 'like its the first day they met' amazes me. I think, would I be like that with my other half as I am a product of them. My mind then wandered and I thought how younger people and others in my generation view the relationships between the sexes. So I asked.

I received various views and opinions but by the end the majority answer was the same. It didn’t show us black men in a positive light.

From my view point its not a race issue. I know personally I could always treat females better and with more respect. Having said that if the female carries herself in that light, her character and attributes show she deserves that respect then she will get it. This is the opinion of the males I asked and my own. If you are portraying what you see other females are like on TV/music videos. Do you honestly believe you will get the respect you want/deserve?

At the end of the day we all want to be treated as king and queens. If we show those characteristics and attributes that is how you will be treated. No matter your race.

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