Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ambition (part2)

A few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night and had an out pour of ideas clouding my mind. So I quickly flipped my laptop open and started typing them all out. Next think I knew it was getting light outside and it had gone 9 am. I ended up spending the entire day on my laptop and speaking to a cousin based in America. I spoke to her specifically because we both have the same idea of eventually heading back home one of these years. Not sure when.

So as I was speaking to her about my ideas and how far I want to take them. There was this one main idea that was based on an experience/memory I had with her when I visited her and her sister. So as we explored the idea of actually taking this further we started to do our research and building our knowledge of the field we were going to embark into with the idea. 

A month later I found myself starting to write an investment proposal. I paused for a moment as a question went through my mind. So I asked myself ‘Am I ready to go back home yet?’ I ended up pondering on this question for a couple of days and came to the answer ‘No’

A few weeks later I then started this blog after realising it’s all a matter of time until everything falls in to place but not forgetting to keep working towards my dreams. Making sure I keep the handful of people and friends I trust around me. I then decided to put myself out there with this blog to document my thoughts so my mind doesn’t wonder off course  as not only can I see/read where I am you can as if you see me going off course put me back on it...

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