Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ambition (part1)

There are a small number of people I who I find influential and I look up to. One of which is my brother...

I have always felt I needed guidance from an elder but from watching my brother I have realised that’s all I needed to do. His drive, ambition, belief and dedication he has put towards his life, career and future makes me so proud to see where he has managed to get to.

I had a conversation with him a while back and he said this to me ‘you just need to find someone who believes in you as much as you do’ and ever since I heard that line I have woken up every morning and heard that go through my head. He deserves the success that’s coming his way...I just wish I helped more and played the younger brother role more.

Now to build on this relationship and find a way to beat him in tennis on the wii!! Lol


Wilmz said...

This reminds of when my younger brother said to me 'I look up to you sis, everything you do, you r making the family proud, I would like to be more like you.'
The first thought I had was why would he want to be like me, he should be more of himself and one day he will make everyone proud of him.
But I guess its that leading role I play as an older sister, to give guidance and act by example to my sibling that gets me this appreciation from my brother.
In you case, both you and your brother are male so the support and advice you get is more direct and I guess a way to build on your relationship is to be there for him whether or not he needs you really.

Tarisai Makotore said...

Exactly. I think your elders have to lead by example or at least give advice but either way there needs to be someone in charge - if you get what I mean?

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