Thursday, 28 February 2013


Over the past few years I have realised that society has started to take opinions as facts. Without provoking each other or provoking thought so that individuals can get to a well-informed conclusion. 

We have become ignorant.

We have begun to take things at face value without seeking further information.

But, once an individual is confronted they tend to stop that thought process and claim it’s an ‘opinion’ and as an ‘opinion’ it can be said without merit.

Provoking thought is what we as humans should be doing. To help each other understand and grow.
The worst thing I have noticed is how people in the media/lime light send a message of ‘not to follow others’ but by doing so want you to follow them. For example an artist may say that but in return they need you to follow them, buy a ticket to their show, wear their clothes (t-shirt, jumper etc) but whilst you do that they re-send the same message of not following and for you to be yourself.

Kanye West has been calling himself a ‘genius’ ‘artist’ enough times to make people believe it. Although he may not have proved such but yet individuals go with it because he has said it enough times.

Standards have reduced. We have to step up. In more than one way.

How Important is a Mixtape

This is a piece I wrote over at SME which can be viewed in its entirety on this link

The importance of a mixtape.

Mixtapes and free music have always been used as marketing scheme for relatively new artists trying to make a name for themselves. In the last decade, there has been an increased emphasis on the importance of a mixtape and more importantly, FREE music.

Once G-Unit changed the way mixtapes had been created musicians haven’t looked back. G-Unit, came with a new view on mixtapes and released new music.

The continuous decline of record sales has played a massive part in this change. Traditionally, a mixtape was used to establish an artist, create a hype and fan base, and also as a pedestal to practice and perfect the craft. However, present day artists release mixtapes to ‘satisfy’ their fans either between albums or during touring.

These days’ mixtape songs are turning into hits and lead album singles. A good illustration for this is the ‘Adorn’ track by Miguel, which went from being a free mixtape song to being one of the biggest r’n’b songs of the year.

In essence, knowing the type of artist you want to be makes all the difference between a mixtape and album artist. For example, Eurogang/S.A.S, a group that I grew up listening to through my teens; are still releasing mixtapes to date, This group hasn’t reached commercial success because that type of success may not be their aim, as they may lose themselves with a major label behind them.

From mixtapes to EP’s to mixtape/street albums. A mixtape, in some circles, is considerably more significant than an album. Having websites crash over the hype around a mixtape release is something relatively new, how do we view the importance of a mixtape, as a few new mixtapes get pushed/marketed as much as albums?

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Friends, you and I

A fragile friendship to begin with
Finished before it started
Although I was still there, a decision was made whether right or wrong
You vanished, only to materialise when it suited you

I accepted that, as I accept who you are
Are you thinking about yourself;
Or her?

You're a strong woman trying to do the impossible, we both know you won't give up.

You vanished.
Having you there is better than...well, you know
But we've never had a good "thing"
Whatever that may be

I want to offer her everything
But she knows better, she's intelligent
Loyal to her friends, her eyes say so
Just don't forget you and those friends may grow apart,
So put yourself first, you can't control her happiness
Because, her,
Isn't who she used to be.
Your eyes know that.

The feeling is more than a want, a need
But, you and I were more than friends? Your eyes told me
Your lips say 'maybe'

Friday, 22 February 2013

The Return

It's been a while since I've been on here, clearly.

I've been out there, somewhere, living my life.

Got a new qualification which therefore means a new job. A few things didn't go to plan with my first option but such things happen. I just hate being down for long so I swiftly went with a new option.

I continued writing, mainly with a new team and I can be found on Fantastic team! As well as working full time etc. You know how it goes.

Life has been going stupidly well, a few hiccups along the way but it takes a lot more to wipe this smile off my face. Been working harder than ever and continue to do so.

A few different things are going to follow. Have a number of plans I'm working on which will work out. (I hope)

I also really need to change my bio, my career path changed.

Mr. Mak