Thursday, 28 February 2013


Over the past few years I have realised that society has started to take opinions as facts. Without provoking each other or provoking thought so that individuals can get to a well-informed conclusion. 

We have become ignorant.

We have begun to take things at face value without seeking further information.

But, once an individual is confronted they tend to stop that thought process and claim it’s an ‘opinion’ and as an ‘opinion’ it can be said without merit.

Provoking thought is what we as humans should be doing. To help each other understand and grow.
The worst thing I have noticed is how people in the media/lime light send a message of ‘not to follow others’ but by doing so want you to follow them. For example an artist may say that but in return they need you to follow them, buy a ticket to their show, wear their clothes (t-shirt, jumper etc) but whilst you do that they re-send the same message of not following and for you to be yourself.

Kanye West has been calling himself a ‘genius’ ‘artist’ enough times to make people believe it. Although he may not have proved such but yet individuals go with it because he has said it enough times.

Standards have reduced. We have to step up. In more than one way.

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