Saturday, 23 February 2013

Friends, you and I

A fragile friendship to begin with
Finished before it started
Although I was still there, a decision was made whether right or wrong
You vanished, only to materialise when it suited you

I accepted that, as I accept who you are
Are you thinking about yourself;
Or her?

You're a strong woman trying to do the impossible, we both know you won't give up.

You vanished.
Having you there is better than...well, you know
But we've never had a good "thing"
Whatever that may be

I want to offer her everything
But she knows better, she's intelligent
Loyal to her friends, her eyes say so
Just don't forget you and those friends may grow apart,
So put yourself first, you can't control her happiness
Because, her,
Isn't who she used to be.
Your eyes know that.

The feeling is more than a want, a need
But, you and I were more than friends? Your eyes told me
Your lips say 'maybe'

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