Thursday, 5 January 2012

Let me do me my way

So I was speaking to this girl called Kim either last week or the week before and she said something that has nagged me since then. So she says to me ‘you are too white’. So it raised the question ‘as a black man how can I be “too white”?’

Do I have to be the stereotypical black male and like gangster rap, grime, hip hop, wear baggy jeans, call female bitches, call my friends niggers and even drink supermalt? As all of this went through my mind I started thinking of the environment I grew up in at an age in which it would affect my life and shape me for the future.

 The area was or still is predominantly white (I haven’t been back there for about 2 years now) which is something I couldn’t care any less about. A friend is a friend no matter the colour of their skin or their background. And now I have friends from various backgrounds and have various skin tones and I am truly grateful for that because due to that I know I can be in any environment and not feel ‘uncomfortable’.

But as the black man I am now I like nice things like calamari, lobster, champagne (actually no I don’t like champagne) Paul Smith clothes, pop music, rock, hip hop and chicken.(I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love chicken LOL)

So keep judging me, I appreciate it. It doesn’t do me any harm apart from letting me know I’m happy I am nothing like you and will keep doing me till I die J

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