Thursday, 2 February 2012

I have a dream...and goals

Chasing dreams is something we all do. Having dreams we all want to achieve but the problem with chasing dreams is a dream is - An idea or hope that is impractical or unlikely ever to be realized; idle hope or a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind. Due to those definitions we cannot be chasing dreams or we need to have goals.

A goal is something someone wants to achieve, accomplish, and something to aim for. There is a transparent difference between the two. A dream and a goal. Now take the time to write 3 dreams you want to become a reality and turn those dreams into goals. Take your time.
Having goals instead of dreams makes us more goals orientated and focused. We can now generate a plan and have a channel that we want to get through to reach our goals. As you would have set your sights on achieving your goal you will be indomitable to reach them and not let your goal(s) diminish.
By this phase we have left dreams behind as having goals is closer to reality compared to dreaming but of course there is a substantial difference between having and aiming for a goal and most importantly achieving it.

Make a commitment. Be determined. Stay focused. Get rid of distractions. Make others believe in you as much as you do in yourself. Challenge yourself...evaluate your progress. Most importantly have fun on your journey.

Although an equilibrium of the two is also ideal. We all adore to dream and have an escape.

Challenge yourself so you can amaze yourself and others around you and accomplish your dreams!

So, convert your dreams into goals, leave a comment and let us blow the obstacles out of the way.

(Don’t forget a remarkable man previously said ‘I have a dream...’)


Mrs West said...

To be honest, the definition of a dream as 'An idea or hope that is impractical or unlikely ever to be realized' is controversial in the sense that, these are definitions from a one sided perspective, that don't consider the actual dreamer's view as opposed to an onlooker; because those that define it as impractical aren't the ones with the vision and motivation to put what they see in their mind as reality.Every different belief system has a different way to define the dream;for example to a philosopher it is an illusion. At the end of the day, based on all of this,we all chase our dreams by setting goals- you don't achieve your dreams without setting both long term and short term goals, and without setting goals, you wont achieve the dream- as much as they are different, the two are co-dependant. Therefore, one can't "stop chasing dreams" because it is the dream that motivates to achieve the goal, it is the fuel that keeps us going. You always need that bigger picture to uplift you when you are about to give up. To say one should forget to dream is allowing them to limit themself and by that they will never grow because all they focus on is something that is tangible/accessible and new things will never be discovered because everyone will be aiming low.

Tarisai Makotore said...

I understand what you mean but it seems you are stuck at that point. When you read further you get to the point were I mention having a balance between the two and having those dreams as an escape at times. As we all know someone dreamt about creating/driving a car...being able to see at night...those are dreams which had been turned into goals so that they could be achieved. Have your dream and turn it into a goal

Mrs West said...

So don't use the words 'stop chasing dreams' because that seems as if you are erasing the chance of seeing the bigger picture. Before you mention striking a balance, you make it seem like it is and will always be a figment of imagination and therefore must not be regarded. So its the choice of words, more than what you actually mean

Tarisai Makotore said...

The balance is there within the first paragraph hence the goals and both definitions. And it comes down to your interpretation

Mrs West said...

but the interpretation is based on how you put it across

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