Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Basket full of eggs

I have never understood why people say ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. Why wouldn’t you do just that? You believe in yourself all you have to do is get others to do the same or do it on your own. Assemble your own team around you.
This reminded me of a story I heard and I actually met the person whose story it is. So this man started off with a trucking company. Had eight trucks in total and it wasn’t working out, so he spoke to his father and received advice from him. And one day he woke up and sold all his trucks to raise the capital for his new venture, sold his only house and ended up selling his car. It got to the point in which his wife left him as it wasn’t making sense to her anymore. The man got to the point in which he was just about to give up when everything clicked and came into place. 

He knew what he wanted based on the advice given to him. Decided to put all he had into it and now he is worth over a billion USD.

Now I’m not saying it is all about the money. The money does help and is a MASSIVE motivator.

So putting all your eggs in one basket is what I believe should be done, of course there are risks to it which is why you have to get it done and not fail. Believe in yourself, have faith and know what you are falling into instead of having something to fall back on.

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