Saturday, 4 February 2012

The dependence on Mobile phones

Technology, being mobile phones in this case. They have reduced the amount of human contact we have with each other. Although they have increased the amount of people we are in contact with and at a much cheaper cost. The fact I can speak to someone in America, Canada, Zimbabwe and Australia all at the same time still amazes me.

One evening there were five of us in the kitchen and no one said a word but there was laughter. I looked up and all I could hear was the clicking of blackberry buttons and SIRI talking in the background. She is actually what caught my attention as I thought someone had come into the room. To make it even worse I was typing on my phone, talking to someone on skype and trying to speak to someone less than a metre from me at the same time. Absolutely ridiculous!!

We all adore the fact that we can possess everything that we need on the go all in one small device. I can call, email, text, listen to music, watch the news, go on the internet, create a word document, use a map if I get lost. There isn’t much more to add to that apart from go backwards and actually have the human contact that technology has diminished. 

But then again going a day without a phone is a big deal for me although I have been 2 weeks without a phone once and even then it wasn’t by choice. It was only when i got my phone back I realised not having my phone was a blessing because I actually felt free. I didn’t have to find out it was snowing through facebook/twitter/BBM I just looked out of my window and saw it. I didn’t have to see pictures of what you were about to have for dinner nor a picture of your baby or an update of what you are doing. 

There are too many platforms for us to express ourselves connecting us with more people, making it easier for us to network and yet eliminating the human contact at the same time.

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