Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Month Gone By...

A month gone by…

Within a matter of 4 weeks I have met some of the most insane characters I have come across thus far. Some of the craziest females and a couple of the wildest nights I have had this year. A car crash and no internet. I contemplated which was worse for a couple of days.

Besides everything mentioned above, work itself has been great. Self-employed and looking after a small village of 26 workers. Give or take ½ due to a few being fired. A manager being caught cheating on his wife by his wife causing us to let him go. Shame.

But, the strangest thing. Being told about things that I have been doing by someone on the other side of the world. Being told who I’m hanging out with. It truly caught me by surprise as I was unaware I was doing all of this and the people I was hanging out with.

Overall, thanks for those who have kept me in their thoughts when I had the accident. It was much appreciated. No one is going just yet, we have only just started.

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