Monday, 19 August 2013

Welcom Home...

It had been a good 2 years and a half since I last step foot on African soil and land and after a 14 hour flight I was more than happy to have clean air fill my lungs and greet loved ones.

After quitting my job over two weeks ago in anticipation for this new chapter and long term goal I had been working towards for a number of years. Farming and more specifically tobacco and potatoes to start off with. Land and agriculture is the way forward towards helping rebuild a nation.

It was finally to take the next step forward and take further control of my life. With research done, money saved, a few investments and a number of agricultural courses to attend. My next few months and the rest of my year will be busy with the unexpected.

Struggling with internet connection has been tough thus far but I’ll have this up sometime soon. I’ll also be including videos, when I have the time, since there have been too many people asking (lol)

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